NetYelp is a completely open social platform that lets you tell the world.

But what could I tell the world? And why? Well you could wish your girlfriend or boyfriend a happy birthday, or your mum and dad a happy anniversary, and although these are a personal messages, everyone else can see your message too even though it is meant for one or more recipients. Just think of it as skywriting, but on a world wide screen instead of the sky.

How do I tell the world?

  • Write your message
  • Add recipients (optional)
  • Schedule time and date
  • Recipients notified of message
  • Recipients eagerly await
  • Recipients/World visits this site
  • Waits until the specified time
  • Views their message from you!

Once you have submitted your yelp you will receive a notification email and will need to verify your yelp by clicking the 'activate yelp' button.

If recipient(s) have been specified they will also be notified once you verify your yelp. Or you may wish to keep it as a surprise.

Your yelp will be displayed at the specified time everywhere around the world on our home page, for you, the recipients and the world.

What can I tell the world?

Mother's Day
Father's Day
Valentine's day
Ask her/him to marry you!
Ask her/him to date you!

Say sorry...
Congratulate someone!
Brighten up someone's day!
Surprise someone!
Declare an intention
Just express yourself

Celebrate an achievement
Motivational sayings
Tell a joke
Religious festivals
To be profound
Invite people

So in a few simple steps you can easily send a yelp into the future for anyone and everyone.
NetYelp is your chance to tell the world...